Specializing in group tours and missions trips

to the Christian community

Mauro Travel & Tours, a very specialized tour company, and works exclusively with churches and ministries. Church groups have the opportunity to tread the soil of their spiritual ancestors and come back refreshed, transformed, more open, and with a changed perception of reality. Pilgrimage travel is wonderful to experience with other like minded people. People who want to travel, want to go somewhere with the purpose of experiencing the spirit and essence of the place and they know travel will be a life changing experience. All trips are custom designed with each denomination in mind. No two trips are alike. Planning begins 12-18 months before departure. The group describes the area they want to see and whether the focus is to be history, biblical archeology, bible prophecy, biblical study tour, meet the people, spiritual pilgrimages with time for prayer and reflection, action and adventure, mission trips, or a little bit of everything.

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