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The Lord uses ordinary people like you who are highly favored to do extraordinary work, through the Holy Spirit who empowers us, to testify of the beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ through acts of love and service.

For those who have the heart of a servant, then mission trips are essential to you serving others, while growing in your own personal journey with the Lord. As believers, we always want to have a heart attitude like Isaiah when he said : “Here I am, send me .”

At Mauro Travel & Tours we are passionate about mission trips for churches and ministries, taking care of the travel details so you can be focused on the ministry.

Please read thru the Guidelines and Tips for Mission Team Leaders. We recommend planning your trip at least 12-15 months in advance. Call or email Mauro Travel & Tours to discuss how we can help you plan your mission trip. Call 1-800-336-2876 or email info@maurotravel.com. Guidelines and Tips for Mission Team Leaders PLAN Plan at least 12-15 months in advance. Try to obtain ballpark figures of the cost of your trip to allow the team members time to raise support and obtain their passports and visas if necessary. AIRFARE Airline seats can be booked 11 months before departure. Airlines generally require $100/person seat deposit to reserve airline seats for groups. (Example: $2000.00 for 20 people, $ 3000 for 30 people, etc.) Once under deposit, the airlines will advise all the rules, restrictions, cancellation policy, etc. Each airline and destination is different. Call Mauro Travel to book your airline seats for your mission trip. Call 1-800-33-MAURO (1-800-336-2876). GROUP RATES - MINIMUM 10 PEOPLE FOR GROUP RATE Groups are considered ten or more people traveling together. If you have below ten people, the group rate, generally does NOT apply. Please call Mauro Travel for individual rates.
FINAL PAYMENT FOR AIRLINES Airlines generally require payment in full, betwteen 60-120 days in advance. This depends on your destination and dates of travel. If travel is three months before departure, then this shortens the payment time. Bear in mind while churches, ministries, and travel organizations extend "grace period" to their tour participants, airlines do not operate by the "grace method" and are strict to payment deadlines. Airline tickets will be mailed to the mission leader approx. 21 days before departure and generally is in the form of an E-Ticket. At this time, you can go over any last minute details. If it is a YOUTH missions trip, the leader may wish to hold all the airline tickets for the entire group, and then distribute them at the airport.

DOCUMENTATION Passports are required for international flights and must be valid until SIX months after the RETURN TRAVEL DATE.

Need a NEW Passport: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/passports/apply.html


VISAS - A team leader can apply to a country for their team's visa. You must follow-up with your team's passport status, as you must have all VALID passports in hand before you apply for the visas. Good practice is you should have all the visas before booking the airline tickets to guarantee all your flight purchases.

YOUTH MISSION TRIPS/CAMPUS MISSION TRIPS Youth and campus missions can be a challenge as the students are going to school, and must raise support, etc. It is important, as a team leader, follow-up with the parents as well as the youth participant in regards to their monthly support, and set monthly deadlines when amounts are due.

Communication is the key, whether by monthly meetings or emails. It is also important you follow-up with your team’s passport renewal. Whatever payment deadlines have been given to you, bump it up another 3-4 weeks to allow some grace period for you and your team.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOUTH: Hold interviews with each interested youth memnber to make sure the trip is being pursued for the right reasons. The adolescent should have a strong spiritual faith, a sincere compassion for others adn a desire to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.
ADULT MISSION TRIPS Adult mission trips can be a similar challenge. People have busy lives, full time jobs, volunteer commitments at church in various capacities, and families. It is important to follow-up in regards to passports, visas, any monthly support, and set monthly deadlines when amounts are due. Again, consistent communication is the KEY.

Hold meetings and educational sessions with the individuals approved for the trip for at least six months prior to the journey. The meetings should be used to focus on trip objectives and team building.

Hold a final meeting to discuss the necessary items to pack, distribute a contact list to person at home, collect medical releases for each participant, a copy of everyone’s inside cover page of their passport, and answer last-minute questions.
MAURO TRAVEL CAN HANDLE ALL YOUR TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Mauro Travel & Tours will assist you and walk you through the steps to be a great team leader. The key is organization and planning in advance.

Send us your mission tour details:
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Departing: March 1st, 2015 / Atlanta to Frankfurt / Need 25 seats
Returning: March 15th, 2015 / Frankfurt to Atlanta / Need 25 seats

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