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WHAT BOOKS IN THE BIBLE DO I READ? It is very insightful for each person to read at least one of the four gospels and the Book of Acts before visiting the Holy Land. It will add a tremendous dimension to your trip. The books of Samuel and Kings will also help refresh you on some Old Testament history. Remember, we are not only walking in the steps of Jesus, but of Abraham, David, Solomon, Elijah, etc. Reading the book of Deuteronomy will give you fresh insight into the heart of Judaism, which is the root of the Christian faith. ARE THERE ANY BOOKS THAT WILL HELP ME PREPARE? There are many good books available dealing with modern Israel. EXODUS, by Leon Uris and THE SOURCE by Michener were recommended to us by our Israeli guides as being authentic in their presentation of Israel. O JERUSALEM, by Larry Collins and Dominique La Pierre is a fully documented account of the 1948 war for Israel’s independence, particularly as it related to the Holy City.

Some excellent historical fiction books are those written by Bodie Thoene, the Zion Covenant, the Zion Chronicles, and the Zion Legacy. Please note each of these are series books, so it is best to start with # 1 of the Zion Covenant and continue. You may think “Oh I could not read a series, I don’t have time” but they are fast moving books, based on historical facts interspersed with a little romance.
HOW ABOUT ANY VIDEOS OR DVD? There are some DVD’s which you may be interested. Some “oldies but goodies” if you can find them would be MASADA, with Peter O’Toole and the other called the EXODUS with Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint.
Another more recent DVD is the movie “O Jerusalem” (2006) See trailer clip: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0443448/
ARE THERE ANY OTHER WAYS TO HELP ME PREPARE? Study and familiarize yourself with the maps we send you. Circle the places you will be visiting to acclimate yourself to the biblical land. We also will send you a list of “Biblical Sites” with scripture references. Read this and follow along in the Scriptures.

You may wish to visit a synagogue, both a regular synagogue and a messianic congregation. Talk with a rabbi, learn some Hebrew words.

Always be alert as to ways God will prepare to spark your interest and understanding concerning Israel.