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Are you a Pastor, Leader, or Bible Teacher considering organizing a tour with your congregation? Perhaps a trip to Israel or The Seven Churches of Revelation in Turkey, or Footsteps of Paul to Greece and Turkey? We’re glad you found Mauro Travel & Tours.

The rich Biblical history of the Holy Land is undoubtedly one of its most alluring hallmarks. When you travel with Mauro Travel & Tours and our tour guides, you are brought into intimate contact with each of these biblical locations. Our tours are not just any bible tours, our tours are faith building learning experiences which will be remembered in years to come.

MAKE A LIST - Negotiates airline contracts, hotels & ground transportation Provides flyers or brochures Confirms all hotels, sights, etc. Coordinates between all suppliers Collection of monies Final payments to suppliers Ongoing consultation Create a travel plan for the future Personalizes service with staff

We have provided some helpful tips below that we hope will equip you to make the best choice for both you and your congregation.

HOW TO MANAGE THE INITAL PROCESS Mauro Travel & Tours, works with you initially, and customizes each tour for you and your congregation. Whether it's your first time leading a group or you are a seasoned vetren, we make the process as seemless as possible for you. If wish to stay 2 or 5 days in Gailee and one overnight in Galilee and then a few days in Jerusalem, we will walk this process through with you. If you have travelled to Israel before, what new places do you wish to see? What hotels do you prefer? Again, we cater this trip to you and your preferences.

It is important we work with you as the pastor or leader initially, to discuss all of the above, as well as the tour host benefits and its components when leading a tour. Once we have the initial information, we will proceed to obtain prices from Israel and the airlines.

Once everything is in place, we will provide an e-brochure which you can place on your website or you can simply email or print to give to your congregants.

The e-brochure is merely a TOOL, to help people register and sign up. While all of the above is helpful to CREATE tour interest, in reality, what sells the tour is YOU! YOUR excitement, YOUR interest, and YOUR weaving Israel through your sermons for example.

Lastly, we will update you weekly by email with a current TOUR ROSTER passenger list so that you are kept apprised of the progress of the tour.

PRICING A TOUR In order to effectively price a tour it is vitally important to consider a range of factors. Here at Mauro Travel & Tours, we work hard to inform you of those factors in order to place you in the best position to not only identify the right price, but also to secure the right value.

We will explain to you the differences in low, mid and high season prices. We will go over what the weather is like during those seasons and how the length of the tour affects the cost of the tour, etc. Mauro Travel will work with you step by step to choose the best program for your congregation.

HOW TO GAUGE THE INTEREST Is the timing right? Are there enough folks in the church who have a serious interest and would participate in this trip? Simplest way to answer this question is to take a show of hands. Take a brief moment at the beginning or end of the service, and ask the congregation for a show of hands of those interested in a tour. It is always a good idea to give an approximate price range within a few hundred dollars, Many people are “interested” in traveling but everyone may not have the financial means at the time you are planning a tour. Planning 12-18 months ahead, give people enough time to budget themselves for the tour.

We suggest if you plan a tour for your congregation, to plan a YEARLY trip EVERY SPRING or FALL, or plan a tour EVERY OTHER YEAR. This way—your congregants know in advance when you will be planning to travel. For your first trip, when asked for a show of hands, who wants to travel to Israel, some people may say to themselves “ Oh—I would love to go to Israel- but I can’t go this year—but I could go NEXT year! As one pastor said to us one time, “If they do not go with me, they will go with someone else!”

We suggest you have some kind of travel plan for your congregation so they can travel with YOU!
WHAT ABOUT GROUP SIZES? In order to put us in the best position to plan and execute your tour, we recommend giving 12 to 18 months advanced notice. This will allow us to provide you with the fullest range of options as we customize the tour to meet your particular needs.

Groups generally range from 15 people and up. One bus holds 51 seats, however it is suggested to have a few seats empty, to allow some people an extra seat, or if someone should get sick they have a place to stretch out in the back of the bus.

The more people in a bus, the less the tour cost. Forty people in a bus, will cost less than fifteen people in a bus, depending on your tour host benefit.

These trips are highly customizable. Please look over the suggestions included on this website to get you started. We believe the minimum threshold for a quality Israel tour is for 11 days. Some groups include Petra Jordan in their tour, thus extending the tour to 13 or 14 days. Mauro Travel can extend your tour to any length of time but the average is 10-12 days plus 2 days travel time. We seek to balance time and quality based on what people can afford.

Biblical Study Tours to the Holy Land Paul’s Journeys to Greece & Turkey Oberammergau Tours Cruises Custom Tours to any destination Israel Royal Seminar for Senior Pastors Often called pilgrimages, church group travel goes far beyond sight-seeing.

The long term impact of Spiritual pilgrimages on congregational life can be startling. Small groups of people within the same congregation share a common experience that binds them together for life.

Leading a tour connects you pastorially with people you might not work with directly.

Traveling together helps forge new relationships creating trust and appreciation between you and the congregants.
Negotiates airline contracts, hotels & ground transportation Provides flyers or brochures Confirms all hotels, sights, etc. Coordinates between all suppliers Collection of monies Final payments to suppliers Ongoing consultation Create a travel plan for the future Personalizes service with staff

Schedule your trip with Mauro Travel & Tours by calling or emailing us at:

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